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Studies of traditional treatments in Britain showed a low success rate Allen Castration Essay Castration Essay Castration is the surgical removal of the testes through an incision in the scrotum; the penis is not removed.

A third time sex offender should be mandated to chemical and surgical castration when at their sentencing hearing.

Evidence suggests that many sex offenders respond positively to cognitive-behaviorally based therapeutic treatment. This evaluation would distinguish a mental illness from a sick ndividual.

Sexual offenders can also use other chemical and drugs to reverse the castration, thus, recycling the problem back to its original state.

While there have been decisions that led to case law stating that the government did not have the ability to take away the right to choose to procreate, there are also stipulations that show that the right is not absolute.

For the third time offenders, I believe there should be Justice served for this individual. Castration also denies rights to treatment. Even more disturbing, the study found that many of the traditionally treated criminal is likely to re-offend.

Chemical Castration

In relation to sexual predators, some see castration as an easy answer to an appalling and intricate problem. However, when it is characterized and used as a form of treatment, it appears to be less controversial.

Medroxyprogesterone acetate MPA commonly known as Depo-Provera, is the most regularly used drug for chemical castration in the United States. This therapy is an approach that works to alter the thought process and resulting behaviors of an individual. Making the debate even more uncertain is the fact that involuntary castration has been rendered unconstitutional by the United States Supreme Court Laws Another failure from chemical castration arises from the fact that sexual offenders do not commit their offences, while in search of sexual satisfaction but are driven by physical domination.

However, almost all sex offenders are inevitably returned to society. Obviously, many ethical problems arise when the issue of castration is considered in conjunction with the punishment of sex offenders. Within psychology, sex offenders are generally diagnosed with paraphilia.

Castration of Sex Offenders Essay

Nevertheless, there is disagreement over the effectiveness of castration for preventing recidivism in sex offenders as well as concern over the side effects of the drugs used for this purpose.

Traditional societies have been on the frontline towards ensuring that criminal activities are minimized efficiently and effectively in their locations. Testosterone production may also be reduced using drugs, instead of surgery, in a treatment called chemical castration.

As for second time offenders, I believe this should most definitely be an option for a Judge. The criminals that go for this option ought not to receive a shorter sentence and those that do not should receive the maximum time aloud.

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Should serious sex offenders be castrated? Essay Sample Abstract. Sexual aggression, though not new to the human society, has become a clear form of contemporary society’s illness and a major threat to human health in this era of numerous sexually transmitted diseases (STDS), including Aids.

Castration of Sex Offenders Essay

Chemical castration of sexual offenders ensures victims have their rights through justice. The process, therefore, puts the victims’ rights ahead as compared to the rights of the pedophiles.

Should serious sex offenders be castrated? Essay Sample

Chemical castration is a fair process that ensures the negatively affected have their rights first. Castration of Sex Offenders Essay A sex offender is a person who commits sexual acts that are considered deviant by society and are determined to be illegal. These acts may be done by physically assaulting another, such as rape or child molestation, or in.

Essay on Chemical Castration for Repeat Sex Offenders - Chemical Castration for Repeat Sex Offenders Child molestation and sexual assault is an ever growing problem in the United States today, but an even bigger problem is that these pedophiles are being released after only serving as little as one quarter of their sentence.

castration Essay societies have seen to it that there be an introduction of another means of punishment and this is through castration (Sommerville, ). Castration is a method of punishment that involves the authorities mutilating or interfering with the anatomy and hormones of .

Castration essay
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