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Separated from those whom I love, I feel within me I know not what childish need to live beside the domestic hearth, under the shadow of a father and a mother something of an unexplainable tenderness which dries up in the air of the capital.

Better late than never. Atheism and freethinking had become vogue. In Autumn of the same year, Frederic was sent to the University of Paris to study law. I still continued proud and impatient. I endeavor to inspire my listeners with a love and respect for their profession, and consequently the observance of the duties which it imposes.

Violence, disease and immorality were rampant. He has been revered since as an exemplar of the lay apostle in family, social and intellectual life. He was insistent on this point and in this he was in accord with his country that was seeking similar solutions.

Now that it seems to have been revealed to me with signs reasonably easy to recognize, but I am now reminded that I lack the courage to fulfill the will of God.

The French Revolution had left in its wake the uprooting of old beliefs and traditions as well as the destruction of old institutions.

He began to speak about ultimate questions and his relationship with God. Great was the quality of life of these persons who gave being to Frederic Ozanam. So he seized the opportunity to find kindred spirits among the students to join in defending the faith with notable success.

He felt indissolubly connected to the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, convinced that it was irreplaceable.

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Yes, he is a person who must be discovered. At this time, too, he wrote another of his important works, The Italian Franciscan Poets of the Thirteenth Century, which reflected his admiration for Franciscan ideals. All of this is necessary so that these young people might take up their proper place in the Society and so that we might remain faithful to the origins of the Vincentian tradition of Ozanam.


This, in turn, strengthened him in the task of constructing his own personal history according to gospel criteria: Understandably, the Church had grown very defensive about the encroachments made upon its claims.

In he began to teach a course in Commercial Law which was established and funded by the Municipality of Lyon. In his correspondence he frequently spoke about his prayer life.


The whole spirit of society was hostile to the poor. Ozanam also found time outside of work to help organize and write for the Propagation of the Faith which had begun in this same city of Lyons.

Inafter passing his bar examination, Frederic turned to Lyons for the holidays and then went to Italy where he was to gain his first appreciation of medieval art.

He drew people to himself and invited others to join him. After this crisis through which his spirit passed, he became clear about his task in the world and in a letter to his friends Furtoul and Huchard he communicated his objective to defend religion.

A common expression of ours seems very appropriate: Twice I have participated in this noble endeavor, addressing my written objections to these professors. I had always disliked beer but it saved me.

He was in Pisa recuperating from an illness which had continued throughout the winter months but now he found himself feeling a little better and this gave him some hope. He was a young man of faith who possessed a great ideal. We can say, without any fear of being mistaken, that his life was illuminated by faith, a simple faith, a calm faith but nonetheless a strong faith.

Show us your works and we will believe you. In Frederic added a doctorate in Letters to his doctorate in Law when he submitted a brilliant thesis on Dante which showed him to be a specialist in this material.

What is she doing for the poor of Paris. But it is also true that he had to confront a society filled with atheist, deist and voltairean ideas that were moving forward with violence and force.

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At fifteen he gave his parents a gift of his poetry, revealing not only his literary skill but also his deep love for his parents. I must be at the head of every movement, and when there is anything difficult to do, I must bear the burden of it [5].

I will show it as a Pharos of deliverance to those who are floating on the sea of life, happy if some friends will group themselves around me … Catholicism, full of youth and strength, should rise all at once upon the world; it should put itself at the head of the new-born century to conduct it to civilization, to happiness.

He spoke about to his friends in letters he sent them. It was not long before Ozanam found the climate of the University hostile to Christian belief. James Likoudis is the recipient of the Blessed Frederick Ozanam Award for Catholic Social Action, which was presented at the October 18, annual meeting of the Society for Catholic Social Scientists.

The second facet of Ozanam’s thought examined in this essay is methodological and concerns his use of an historical hermeneutic to interpret the appropriate standpoint of the Church towards a. Bl Frederic Ozanam | A Life in Outline 3 Early life, parental influences Antoine-Frederic Ozanam was born on April 23rd,in Milan, which was then occupied by the French.

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A Cincinnati area student won a national essay contest and will use the proceeds to give back to the community. St. Vincent de Paul volunteer and Mount Notre Dame student Sarah Ray won the high school division of the St.

Vincent de Paul youth essay contest. Antoine Frederick Ozanam: A Life 51 52 A. Family Life and Early Years 53 54 B. Paris, and Professional Education 55 56 C. Founding the St.

Vincent de Paul Society and political essays in The Bee, a review journal of the Royal College of Lyons while a student there He graduated at the top of his class in July, and, for.

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Frederick ozanam essay
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