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Since Kuwait was breaking an OPEC agreement and pumping out extra oil, oil prices slumped and to make maters more complicated the US increased import of oil from Kuwait. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were the largest donors. A similar situation occurred in the North, and there the Kurdish rebellion was overwhelmed.

Back in this treaty, named Algiers, was signed to state that the Shatt-El-Arab waterway, was to be the border. According to Eddington the logs of the st Airborne Division from January showed that in a period of two to three hours, "one unit repeatedly detected chemical agents" using the kits that were issued to every soldier.

It was officially 5: On January 16, the U. When the war was over all the countries gave Iraq time to pay off the loans so it could recover except for Kuwait, which demanded the repayment.

We work with experienced PhD and Master's freelance writers to help you with writing any academic papers in any subject. Yet, despite all of this, the biggest lie of all was our false support of democracy. Funny thing is nothing got to do with human rights has changed in the Middle East since the war ended.

Iraq War Summary

Just about all of the excuses the US has given are either fake or lies, this just proves how desperate they were for a war to take place.

Although the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution specifically stated that we had no military, political, or territorial ambitions in southeast Asia, the interests back home were quite a different story Johnson.

The Gulf War essay

The second Gulf War began on August 2, with an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and ended on March 3, when Iraq accepted a cease-fire. Even as the rebellions, such as the Shiite uprisings in the South, were taking place the US allowed the Iraqi military to fly helicopters in the no-fly zones that the US had established over Iraq.

After the completion of the invasion there were a few small scale attacks, but over time these grew dramatically to become constant barrages of small attacks. An estimated 45billion dollars minimum was spent just on bribes.

Back in this treaty, named Algiers, was signed to state that the Shatt-El-Arab waterway, was to be the border. However, in the rural and urban areas, power stations and oil refinery plants makes a huge contribution to air pollution as well. Now to do that 88, tons of bombs were dropped over Iraq, civilians were killed and civilian structures were turned to dust.

This same year also saw a decrease in the number of insurgent attacks, although there was a spring offensive by insurgent groups.

Controversial Issues: Justifying the Persian Gulf War

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The Persian Gulf War

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Air Pollution in Kuwait

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